Meghan Markle wins big in a court case against UK newspaper, Mail

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Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, calls Sunday court win a victory for what is right.

Her win is the latest part of her legal battle with Associated Newspapaper (ANL), publishers of Mail on Sunday for publishing a personal letter she wrote to her dad.

Meghan Markle sued the Newspaper for invasion of privacy and copyright infringements following articles published in 2019 featuring segments of a letter she wrote to her dad.

ANL argued that the content of the letter was of public interest and Thomas Markle, Meghan’s dad, the recipient, also had the right to see extracts of the latter published.

ANL’s Appeals court defeat comes after a February defeat the Newsgroup suffered at the High Court over the same issue. ANL had wanted to force a trial over the content of the letter.

The High Court ruled against ANL citing copyright and privacy issues. The court had said that the content of the letter was deeply personal and didn’t merit a full hearing.

“It was a communication between family members with a single addressee,” Warby wrote. “Precautions were taken to ensure that it was delivered only to him. It was, in short, a personal and private letter.

The majority of what was published was about the claimant’s own behaviour, her feelings of anguish about her father’s behaviour — as she saw it — and the resulting rift”, the High Court ruled.

Upholding the High Court ruling, three Appeals Court Judges reasoned that the letter’s contents were “personal, private and not matters of legitimate public interest.”

Analysts are predicting that the defendants would further appeal at the British Supreme Court or at the European Court of Human Rights.