Millicent disgraces Nathaniel on live session of Date Rush Reunion; says Nathaniel asked her to send him GH₵ 15

Nathaniel, a date rush contestant has been shamed by his date, Millicent on live TV for borrowing GH₵ 15.

According to Millicent, his date Nathaniel asked her for GH₵ 15 at a time when he was in need and sought help from her.

Millicent has revealed on Date Rush Reunion held on Sunday, June 20th, 2021 that Nathaniel has stayed untruthful to her in their relationship.

Her comments amassed reactions from viewers and Twitter users explaining her assertions on the match-making show.

Millicent asserted that his date Nathaniel told her that he is an accountant and CEO of Bongo Farms, but yet requested from her GH₵ 15 to print his CV’s to attach to application letters.

Nathaniel rebutted Millicent’s claims and tagged it as false. Nathaniel said he never requested from her GH₵ 15 to print his CV’s.

Nathaniel said he only requested from Millicent the amount of GH₵ 50 and not GH₵ 15 as she claimed.

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When asked why he requested for the money, Nathaniel explained that he needed to find his way home after getting stranded in town hence his request from his date.

Most viewers and Twitter users did not find Nathaniel’s request as wrong as he maintained that he needed it for transport home.

Nathaniel promised to pay back what he took from his date Millicent after asking her to do so or not.

Millicent added that if Nathaniel wanted to pay what he took, like he would have done so immediately without even asking her.