Moesha Boduong now in Christ as she weeps uncontrollably, confessing her sins in Church

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Ghanaian Instagram model and slay queen, Moesha Boduong has finally coveted from the ways of the world to the pious and modest life of a Christian.

Moesha in recents times has changed the content of posts she makes on her Instagram handle.

She has moved away from the flaunting photos of her semi-naked body to the sharing of motivational messages, singing gospel songs, and sharing the word of God.

The model who paid huge sums of money to get her body done is less interested in showing them off lately.

In her recent videos and pictures, has noticed that the social media personality has slimmed down in order to have the right body to serve the good Lord.

Before today, Moesha had shared a flyer on her IG page announcing that she will be embarking on testimony and asked for the support of her fans.

The Revelation Church at Airport, Accra was the venue where Moesha finally dumped the pomp and pageantry of secular life to embracing Christ Jesus as her Lord and Saviour.

Remorsefully, Moesha spoke with tears and a shaky voice about her bad past choices, she pledged her dedication and commitment to God.

The sheer expression of joy from Moesha at that moment depicted a person who has really made that final transition from secularism to Christendom.

The former slay queen who has been on her knees the whole time finally got up from her knees, went to the pulpit and started speaking fondly about how God has saved her and giving her new life to Christ.

She spoke about turning a new leaf and starting all over. This is the chance for her to lead a new life devoid of all blemish with her sins washed away through the saving grace of Jesus Christ’s blood.

Moesha announces that she is a new person that all the old things have passed away and everything has become new

Implying that, wherever you see Moesha again, remember that she is no longer the slay queen she used to be; perhaps, she is now slaying for Christ Jesus. Amen!

As a result, Moesha Boduong is now referred to as Maurecia Babiinoti Boduong.