Moesha Budong confesses to introducing ladies to big men after attempting to take her own life; pleads for forgiveness

Ghanaian TV presenter, Moesha Budong who was recently in the news for turning away from the world into following Jesus Christ has made a new shocking revelation amidst confession.

The actress and model have confessed in a viral video pleading guilty for introducing young ladies to big men.

Moesha Budong has been spotted in a video sighted by sitting on one of the floors of an uncompleted story building crying and confessing her sins.

In the video, it could be heard that Moesha Budong attempted to take her own life by trying to jump from an uncompleted building.

Fans and followers of Moesha Budong were left in shock upon hearing news reports on her attempt to take her own life.

In an Instagram video shared by Blogger Kobby Kyei which is making rounds on social media, Moesha is seen sitting on the apex of a building with her arms and portions of her dress looking very dirty.

Moesha Budong was surrounded by men and a woman who appeared like laborers in the uncompleted building and residents.

Moesha was heard saying she spent most of her days in the nightclub but all that did not profit her in any way.

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Moesha Budong was also heard in the video apologizing to all the ladies she introduced to big men asking for forgiveness from Ghanaians.

She thanked all the people who were around to stop her from jumping from the building after which she rescinded her decision.

Moesha continued preaching to the people to the crowd present and said there was no need for young women to entice men with their bodies and beauty just for money.