Mona Gucci

Self Acclaimed Screen goddess Mona Gucci Believes UTV’s United Showbiz Interview was a Conspiracy to Ridicule Her! In a Facebook post, she said she will open a Pandora’s Box on Friday Night (9:30 pm on Kantanka TV) on her Program

She writes: “What baffled me on the United showbiz yesterday..was they forgot who they were tryna conspire against? MONA GUCCI?? How can y’all stoop this low…?

Now am forced to open keys and shake tables on linkup show on Friday—Sorry,”

She seemed to have lost her voice; her face and behaviour were not inscrutable, as one could clearly see that she was isolated as a guest from the discussion on UTV’s United Showbiz after some of the viewers cast doubt on her argument that she is a lawyer.

Mona Gucci, barely hours after the broadcast, seems to have found her voice and is raising accusing fingers at some unknown people.

On the episode of Saturday, February 20, 2021, the socialite and television host boasted of becoming a lawyer who had her internship with Abigail Williams and Co in Worcester Massachusetts after 2017 schooling at Massachusetts School of Law.


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