Jerry and Jacqueline of Date Rush fame

Jerry appeared on Season 3 of TV3 Date Rush and left stage his date, Jacqueline.

On that fateful night, Jerry born Jerry Akakpo Roland shared with the audience a plight he faced with his ex-girlfriend revealing that she over-demanded during their relationship.

The gentleman did say that he couldn’t meet the demands of his girlfriend as most people expected him to have met.

Jerry shared his experience in a bid to find a date. He talked about how his former girlfriend had no intention to join him on his path to success.

To Jerry, he describes an over-demanding girlfriend who asks until there is nothing left as a huge red flag.

“In my past relationship, I realized my lady was overdemanding. You know, I am now trying to build myself. Build my business and make more in life” – Jerry said

”But she was overly demanding, and because of that, I realized that the kind of path I want to take, she can’t toe the same path with me. So we just have to call it off.” – he added

In his further explanation, Jerry asserted, ‘‘When you are with someone, you need to have one direction. I told you this is what I want to do or what I am doing, so I expect you to support whatever I am doing.

”Everything I did, I was so open with her. We talked about everything, every money that I make … Maybe we have this money we need to channel in this direction, but she wants to do something else, all the time. So I realized that she is not supporting the direction I am going.”

Jacqueline speaks with Anita Akua-Akuffo after getting a date with Jerry

During the interview with Anita, co-host of Date Rush season 6, Jacqueline said, “What I looked in for a man is if the man as a vision. And I can see he has vision, so I want to buy into his vision. That was the reason I kept my rush on.

Jerry and Jacqueline of Date Rush fame

“I was not looking at the material stuff or something, but responsible man. Definitely, he is a responsible man, and he would do his best” – she added


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