Nadine Dorries and Jeremy Hunt's brawl: What statement did Nadine Dorries make?

After Jeremy Hunt’s brawl with Nadine, a reformed Labour politician has spoken out on Nadine’s alleged affair with her friend’s husband.

Nadine’s marriage was deemed “broken,” and Butler’s wife accused her of being a marriage wrecker.

But what did Nadine Dorries really say?

Nadine Dorries was speaking on Sky News, where she defended Boris Johnson.

In an interview, she called on people not to “spit on the Prime Minister”.

She also said that Jeremy Hunt was wrong about his stance on pandemic preparedness.

What Exactly Did Nadine Dorries say?

In her words, “Jeremy has no credibility” in the current situation. But does that mean that she’s wrong?

In an interview with the BBC, Dorries said: “If you’re a right-winger, you should be ashamed of your stance on the licence fee.”

But if you’re a right-wing fan, she will likely be treated the same way. That’s a good thing! So, what did Dorries say?

If this was a genuine case, the Culture Secretary should be questioned by a Select Committee, which is usually more effective than a political party.

Nadine Dorries

However, most of these hearings haven’t resulted in meaningful change.

Nadine Dorries’s performance in the Commons is so bad that she might even defect to UKIP.

While Channel 4’s advertising revenue has fallen and investment in new content is being reduced, the news channel can’t survive in its current state.

The new Media Bill, due next spring, will contain plans to sell Channel 4 to a private company.

There is no guarantee that the plans will be implemented.

If it is, the plans would be included in the new Media Bill.

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