Nana Adwoa of Date Rush fame is married to musician 2 Shy and has a child with him – Marriage details emerge as social media users take her on for lying that she is single

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Being married is awesome especially when you truly love and cherish your partner so much.

Lying to others that you haven’t married before sounds r**e, a scene observed many times in most relationships.

Nana Adwoa, a 24-year-old contestant of TV3’s Date Rush has got viewers of the reality show enraged after new photos of her with one musician prove that she has been married before.

Know popularly by her natives as Abena Trimude, Nana Adwoa appeared in Episode 5 of Season 7 of TV3 in search of love.

According to short interviews granted her on and off the show’s stage, Nana Adwoa did not reveal she has been married before and made it known that she is single.

Nana Adwoa

Details and photos of Nana Adwoa and her alleged husband has surfaced online and have kept social media users in a confusing state for lying on the live session of TV3 Date Rush that she is single

The information available indicates that Nana Adwoa got engaged to musician 2 Shy in 2021 in Konongo at an official ceremony which was attended by both families.

Also, the details spill the fact that Nana Adwoa has a child with 2 Shy.

2 Shy is currently living in abroad and he is known to be the hitmaker behind the song, “Azonto Girl”

As we write now, it is unclear what led Nana Adwoa to pick a spot to find the love of Date Rush as there may be internal issues in the relationship with his alleged husband, 2 Shy.

Below are photos from Nana Adwoa’s and 2 Shy’s marriage ceremony:

Photos of Nana Adwoa and 2 Shy during their marriage ceremony

This shocking revelation has left many people jaw-dropped, as it barely comes after weeks after 2 Sure of Date was exposed over a similar incident for having another life a woman.

Following the development, some regular viewers of the reality show have accused the organisers of not doing due diligence to audition persons genuinely not in any form of relationship.

Others have argued that the show is gradually losing its relevance as it has been transformed into a platform to catapult people to fame overnight.

What social media users are saying: