Netizens react to Yaw Tog’s fake British accent and Originality in New Freestyle (Video)

Yaw Tog, a fast-rising Ghanaian drill rapper, released a freestyle yesterday in which he boasted about his rise to fame, but social media users were not impressed.

After receiving international recognition from BET, the young rapper decided to thank the network and outline his musical journey in a freestyle titled “ME.”

In his rap, the Kumerican rapper asked:

who got on Billboard last year and got a mili in three days … do you got hit songs like me? Stormzy came in for who? And who is that black boy winning?

Although some have praised his lyrical content and boastful attitude in the freestyle, others have expressed concern about the accent he used in delivering it.

He doesn’t sound genuine, according to the majority of them, since he’s attempting to mimic Stormzy.

This exchange has sparked a Twitter controversy between Yaw Tog and Stormzy, with tweets supporting the ‘Sore’ rapper or encouraging him to stick to rapping in Twi in order to be himself.

Yaw Tog
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The following are some of the Twitter users’ reactions: