‘Nigerian men are better in bed than Ghanaians’ – Actress Chichi Neblett reveals

Liberian-born Ghana-based actress, Veronica ChiChi Neblett, has also joined the group of women who are comparing Nigerian men to Ghanaian men over relationships.

According to her in an interview with Legit Nigeria, ChiChi Neblett believes that Nigerian men are better in bed than Ghanaians.

She detailed that she once dated a Nigerian man, and she’s evident to her claims.

She further added that she’s always been a great fan of Nigeria’s popular actor, Richard Mofe Damijo, and is still a loyal fan.

ChiChi Neblett disclosed that she will gladly accept any Nigerian man’s proposal of marriage should she happen to meet one.

“What I love about Nigerian men is that, they know how to spend on their women. I have dated a Nigerian man. They sweet die! M*d oh! If I get one that wants to marry me why not, I’ll accept the marriage proposal.”

In her revelations, Chi Chi also spoke about her intimate relationship, which ended on July 30th, and how her boyfriend was extremely jealous of everything that led to their breakup.

She publicly declared her singleness and called for interested individuals to come into the picture for a serious relationship.

The Brown Sugar star actress said:

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“I broke up with my boyfriend on July 30, so I don’t have a man in my life at the moment. I left him because he was unnecessarily jealous.

I know men can be jealous, but his own was out of this world, never seen such before. I beg I no want again. I tried but couldn’t help it anymore, so I had to find my way out.”

Neblett, despite her achievements as a top movie star, was never born with a silver spoon. She recalled her grass to grace journey.

“I am Liberian based in Ghana. I was born and brought up in Liberia with my mom and little sister. We are 2 girls from my mom, and I am the first. My growing up was not an easy one.

“I went through a lot because we didn’t come from a well to do family. We had to sell to make ends meet. I hawked! Oh yes a lot of hawking at some point.

All through my growing up days that was what I was doing to help my mom and also pay my fees and put food on the table for us to eat. I hawked a lot of Liberian stuffs. Thank God for his grace and where we are now”, she said.

However, ChiChi thinks there’s that man out there who’s looking out for her to love and cherish her for who she is, even though she claims people see her as very expensive in all aspects.

Source: unitedshowbiz.com.gh