NSMQ 2021: Odorgonno SHS progresses to the One-eighth Stage in style in their very first prelim contest

Odorgonno SHS in the Greater Accra Region have progressed to the one-eight stage of the 2021 National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ)

They won their very first contest in the NSMQ 2021 prelims on Monday, October 26, 2021, in style.

Odorgonno SHS wowed other contending schools, that is West Africa SHS and OLAM SHS after they ended the contest with 52 points.

West Africa SHS and OLAM SHS scored 32 and 24 points respectively making it a big margin win for Odorgonno SHS.

Odorgonno SHS have secured for themselves the Prudential Life NSMQ Star and the GOIL Riddle Bonanza.

Below are the contest results:

End of round 1

West Africa SHS: 20pts
Odorgonno SHS: 14pts
OLAM SHS: 07pts

End of round 2

Odorgonno SHS: 29pts
West Africa SHS: 16pts
OLAM SHS: 04pts

Problem of the Day

Odorgonno SHS: 10pts
OLAM SHS: 07pts
West Africa SHS: 06pts

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Odorgonno SHS becomes the second school to pick up the @prulifegh NSMQ Star in the Greater Accra Region!

End of round 3

Odorgonno SHS: 39pts
West Africa SHS: 22pts
OLAM SHS: 11pts

End of round 4

Odorgonno SHS: 43pts
West Africa SHS: 29pts
OLAM SHS: 24pts

End of contest

Odorgonno SHS: 52pts
West Africa SHS: 32pts
OLAM SHS: 24pts

The prayers have paid off! Congratulations, Great Ossa!

The win by Odorgonno Senior High School is an answer to their prayers as the school joins Chemu SHS and St. Thomas Aquinas to the one-eighth stage.

Source: unitedshowbiz.com.gh