Nurse Practitioner – Amanda Burton

Amanda Burton is a nurse practitioner and a mother of two. She is also an actress and a forensic pathologist on the TV show Silent Witness. Her daughter Brid Irina is a writer and an entertainer and has acted in a short film, “The Dog With The Woman.” Her other child, Phoebe Marie, is a movie producer and photographer and is the brains behind the David Beckham Fragrances crusade.

Amanda Burton is a nurse practitioner

Amanda Burton is a nurse practitioner in Cincinnati, OH who specializes in family health. She accepts multiple insurance plans and offers telehealth. Her office is located at 222 Piedmont Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45219. Her practice also accepts Medicare. She is affiliated with Cincinnati Gynecology Specialists and the West Chester Hospital.

Burton has several offices in Ohio. She accepts Medicare assignment and will not charge you more than your Medicare deductible or coinsurance. Other insurance plans may not accept Medicare assignment.

She has two children

The British actress Amanda Burton has two children. She was born in Derry, Northern Ireland, the youngest of four daughters of a primary school headmaster. She has participated in charity runs and has taken part in drama productions. She also has a successful career in television and film and has two children.

Burton is married twice. Her first marriage was to theatre technician Jonathan Hartley, whom she met at the Manchester School of Theatre. She later married professional photographer Sven Arnstein, whom she divorced in 2004. She has two daughters from both of her marriages. She has an estimated net worth of $1 to $5 million. Her wealth is the result of her acting career.

She is a Northern Irish actress

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Amanda Burton is a Northern Irish actress who has had several notable roles in her career. She starred in the hit TV series ‘Peak Practice’ alongside Kevin Whately, and she played the role of a female doctor in the series for three seasons. After leaving the series, Burton went on to play the role of Professor Sam Ryan in the crime drama series Silent Witness. This role continued until 2004, and she later played the role of Aunt Polly in the 2003 remake of Pollyanna.

Burton was born on October 10, 1956 in Derry, Northern Ireland. She later moved to Manchester, where she began her training to become an actress. Currently residing in London, she is one of Britain’s most respected actresses. She has two children and is a mother to two daughters.

She was a forensic pathologist on Silent Witness

Amanda Burton has appeared in many high-profile TV productions over the years, but her role as a forensic pathologist on Silent witness remains one of her most memorable roles. Although she left the show in 2004, Emilia Fox stepped into her role and Burton moved on to other projects. She played an award-winning headteacher in Waterloo Road and a gangland matriarch in Marcella. While she never wished to return to her role on Silent Witness, she has acted in several other high-profile dramas.

Silent Witness is a British television drama series created by Nigel McCrery, a former real-life detective in the Nottingham murder squad. The series follows a team of forensic pathology experts as they investigate a variety of crimes. The team was led by the protagonist Dr. Sam Ryan, played by Amanda Burton during the first eight seasons of the show.

She is a nurse practitioner in Cincinnati, OH

Amanda Burton is a nurse practitioner in Cincinnati and practices at the Cincinnati VA Medical Center. She accepts multiple insurance plans and provides telehealth services. The organization she works for is called UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI PHYSICIANS COMPANY LLC. The nurse practitioner’s office is located at 222 Piedmont Avenue in Cincinnati, OH.

Amanda Burton is a registered Medicare provider. This means that she accepts Medicare patients and charges them the amount approved by Medicare for her services. However, she does not charge a higher fee than what Medicare pays, and Medicare patients are still required to pay a coinsurance or a copayment. Additionally, she has hospital affiliations with West Chester Hospital and University Of Cincinnati Medical Center, Llc.