OB Amponsah: Ghanaian comedian featured on CNN “African Voices Changemakers”

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Obarimah Akuoko Amponsah known popularly as OB Amponsah, a fast-emerging Ghanaian standup comedian has been featured by America’s multinational news-based television, CNN.

The award-winning comedian and optometrist by profession was featured in a weekend edition of CNN’s “African Voices Changemakers”

CNN “African Voices Changemakers” is a weekly show that highlights how Africa’s biggest talents cause positive change.

The show features influencers who impact the lives of others while influencing areas such as music, film, sports and technology.

Speaking with CNN in a yet to be aired episode, OB Amponsah spoke on his political correctness in which he said:

 “In Ghana you do not play with some stuff. They say do not joke with some stuff like politics, religion, you know those things that people take very seriously. But that’s just me. I feel like comedy is comedy and jokes are jokes. I do not find violence funny.”

“I do not find certain things that seek to degrade other people funny. But then when it comes to politics, religion and all those other things that we are all engaged in but I feel like if we are involved in it as a people, then comedians are allowed to talk about it as well,” he added

Earlier, Renowned comedian OB Amponsah revealed that some of his predecessors ( past comedians) had low expectations when it came to earning a living from their profession.

Some say they have made it harder for today’s performers to be adequately compensated by major businesses who hire them for their services.

“Some of our predecessors sold themselves cheap. I won’t mention names. If a company contacts any of us, I mean the new comedians for a deal and we disclose our price to them, they compare it with what our predecessors charged and tell us to cut it down.

They have set very low standards and we cannot go beyond it despite several efforts. But I think we have been able to do something about that. Some brands now agree to pay us more and that’s good news,” he told Zion Felix in an interview.

OB Amponsah: The Optometrist who found medicine in comedy

For a young comedian, Amponsah Obarima Akuoko popularly known as OB, it was a joy to share jokes with his mates back in school but little did he know that after spending many years at the University of Cape Coast ( UCC) to train as an Optometrist, he would end up putting smiles on the faces of people as a comedian.

Source: unitedshowbiz.com.gh