Qwecy of Date Rush fame celebrates 7K Followers on Instagram

Shadrach Arhin Lawson known popularly as Quecy and Date Rush contestant has celebrated garnering 7,000 and counting followers on his Instagram handle.

A delicious bonus deal of finding both love and fame from the Date Rush show.

Quecy gained exposure into the public scene when he appeared on the match-making television show labeled Date Rush which is aired every Sunday at 8 PM on TV3.

Celebrating on Instagram for clocking 7K followers on his handle, Quecy thanked his fans and followers for their love and immense support.

In a post sighted by unitedshowbiz.com.gh, Quecy wrote, ”God bless us all, let’s grow together” and ”Akpe” in the English language which means Thank You.


Quecy celebrated his birthday over the last week and has garnered on his Instagram account a 7K and plus followers, a gradual process which means a lot for his brand and figure.

Having many followers means one can reach more people daily. It is the sole reason why many brands and companies look out for such Instagrammers.

Every company wants to reach a specific targeted audience, and for that, they can contact Instagrammer to promote their products

Quecy appeared on season 5 of Date Rush and was snubbed by New York born-lady Nabilla for Nana Kwame making him miss a date on the show.

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Among the guys, Quecy was the one doing the most as he continued non-stop talking about Nabila and how he was meant for her.

Quecy even went as far as visualizing the number of kids he was going to have with Nabila after they have settled down and already had names for the children.

Quecy, who was seen wearing a petticoat over a long-sleeved shirt and flying tie, kept giving vibes to Nabila.

Quecy noted that the Date Rush show was made purposely for him to meet her – a comment that caused Nabila to blush.

Quecy, after ‘toasting’ Nabila and shooting all the shots imaginable, Nabila decided to go for Nana Kwame, leaving Quecy brokenhearted.

Quecy has a likable character and high sense of fashion and attracted a lot of attention on the Date Rush show and he is noted by his fans for ‘excessive talking’.


Quecy of date rush fame is an environmental scientist, presenter, filmmaker, and philanthropist and calls himself the No.1 Dripping Gentleman from TV3 Ghana.

Source: unitedshowbiz.com.gh