Rasta Saga: Tyrone, Nikita, Amrita Marhguy get 6 Scholarships from International Institutions

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Half a dozen institutions, including foreign ones, have lined up to give Rastafarian triplets unconditional entry, including full scholarships and meals, after they were refused admission to some Senior High Schools (SHS) due to their dreadlocks.

This comes at a time when the sisters of one of the boys who were accepted to St. John’s Grammar School were also forced to cut their hair short during the heated debate about whether or not they should be admitted.

Tyrone Marguay’s admission to the Achimota School has been rejected due to his inability to cut his dreadlocks.

With Tyrone Marguay, the two ladies, Nikita and Amrita Marhguy, form a triplet family.

“We do believe that no student should be denied education,” school officials from one of the schools (name withheld) explained the motivation behind the gesture.

We also believe that although students must learn to follow laws, those rules should not be used to deny students access to education, which is a fundamental right for children.

So our own rules allow us to accept students who are Rastafarians, maybe with dreadlocks, and we figured, why not give them a chance?

“We have had to address the cost [of education] because we are very conscious that students participating in the free SHS might not be able to afford International Education,” says the group.

“It wasn’t just a matter of offering them an alternative,” he added, “but you also need to look at helping them financially, which is why we’re reaching out to give them an offer so that their education won’t be curtailed at that age.”

Source: unitedshowbiz.com.gh