raymond santana net worth

Raymond Santana has a net worth of $7 million as of 2021. He got this wealth mainly from a settlement with the city of New York in the case of the Central Park Five. In addition to his music career, he has a clothing line. You can check out his net worth and career below. But before we discuss his net worth, let’s first take a look at his personal life.

raymond santana’s career

When you think about Raymond Santana, you probably picture a designer from Atlanta who has a successful clothing company. However, his career path was complicated by his history as a criminal. In fact, his arrest and conviction resulted in a five-year prison sentence, which he later served, before being cleared of the crime. Santana now works as a businessman and has his own clothing line, Park Madison NYC. You may also remember him from his role in the Netflix crime drama television miniseries When They See Us.

He’s married twice. In 2013, he married his longtime girlfriend, Nekesta Samone Shelton, but they later divorced each other. In June 2020, he married Flavor of Love singer Deelishis. Despite his complicated relationship history, Santana and Deelishis have a daughter, Melia Symone. Their marriage resulted in the couple reuniting and he’s currently living in Georgia with his teenage daughter, Melia Symone. The couple has two daughters from previous marriages.

While in prison, Raymond was involved in several relationships. He even had a clothing line featuring all of his Central Park Five friends. Raymond has a net worth of between five and seven million dollars. This is primarily due to his substantial payments from the City of New York. However, he has also been involved in various business ventures and has numerous investments. However, his public reputation remains cloudy, with rumors surrounding his past arrests.

his relationship with nekesta samone shelton

Raymond Santana, formerly known as the “Central Park Five,” has married actress Deelishis Gordon. The couple has been engaged since the end of 2013. In an Instagram post, Raymond posted a picture of the proposal and a caption. He even addressed the haters, joking that they would be m*d when the couple gets married. The actress and actor recently revealed that he has no regrets about his decision to marry his fiance.

According to a source, Raymond and Nekesta met during the Depression Era. Shelton was a supporter of the singer and had a daughter named Melia Symone. They have remained close to each other since. Their daughter, Melia Symone, was born after the marriage. In 2000, the couple announced their separation. But the relationship did not end there.

Raymond and Deelishis married in December of this year. However, Santana and Nekesta Samone Shelton had been dating for a long time. They have a daughter, Melia Symone, and are both very active on social media. However, Raymond’s relationship with Deelishis is still very controversial and the divorce is not a foregone conclusion.

his clothing line

If you’re curious about Raymond Santana’s clothing line and personal life, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled some of the most important information about the entrepreneur. While he has a successful clothing line, we also have some information on his personal life, including his wife, children, parents, siblings, and more. In addition to his net worth, you’ll also find some information on his family and personal life, including his age and height.

As a businessman, Raymond Santana has an impressive net worth. He founded the Park Madison NYC clothing line with his sister Aiko. The line specializes in streetwear inspired by the subcultures of New York City. He is also a social activist and public speaker. His latest book, The Central Park Five, was a success. As a result, Raymond Santana’s net worth is estimated at $4.1 million.

During his time as an actor, Raymond has gained a substantial net worth. This money is largely derived from a settlement that he reached with the City of New York for the Central Park Five case. In recent years, he’s become an advocate for teenagers who are at risk. In addition to being a successful businessman, Santana’s net worth has grown substantially over the past few years.

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