Rory Farquharson biography: Nationality, age height, parents, girlfriend, job, law school, siblings, personal life, and net worth

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Born July 18, 1998, in Suffolk, Rory Farquharson, 23 is the son of a business family. His father, Charles Farquharson is a top business executive, and his mother, Catherine, is an accountant.

Rory Farquharson is well known for being Malia Ann Obama’s girlfriend after a video popped out showing the duo kissing during the Harvard-Yale game party.


Rory Farquharson is British.


Born on July 18, 1998, makes him 23 years as of 2021


Malia’s boyfriend is 6’ 22’’ tall


Rory is born to Charles Farquharson and Catherine Farquharson


Ex-US president first daughter, Malia Ann Obama, is Farquharson’s girlfriend

Rory Farquharson and Malia Ann Obama


He is currently a student studying law at Harvard. In the past, he interned with the Center for Democracy and Peace Building in Northern Ireland.  

Law school

Rory Farquharson joined Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2016 to pursue the Juris Doctor program


Rory’s second cousin, Andrew Farquharson, has served as the Queen’s “Assistant Master of the Household” at ‘Buckingham Palace.

Personal life

Rory attended a high-end high school, Rugby in England. He was a member of the chemistry club of the school, the Blue Bunsen. He was very popular as well.

Rory appeared in a rugby video that was shot at the ‘World Cup’ opening ceremony in 2015. Prince Harry was also featured in the same video.

Net worth

Malia’s boyfriend has about $1 million in net worth.