Ruthy calls McBrown as a Bad Influencer for Advising Yaa Yaa to Show More Flesh in Her Videos

Yaa Yaa, formerly Bertha, is a talented singer, but when it comes to reminiscing about Ghanaian artists who are making headlines, the woman is conspicuously absent.

Nana Ama McBrown, who became an instantaneous TV host thanks to UTV despite having no journalism experience, advised Yaa Yaa to reveal more flesh if she wants to attract more attention.

Following Nana Ama McBrown’s order, critical thinking Ghanaians, including Ruthy of Kumasi-based Nhyira Fm, did not take it lightly because they did not expect McBrown to make such an illogical comment.

McBrown’s remark about Yaa Yaa is unfortunate, according to Ruthy on Nhyira Fm’s “Entertainment Power” show, and it goes a long way to confirm that she’s becoming a negative influencer.

According to her best experience, in our part of the world, it doesn’t take a lot of flesh to get everyone’s attention.

And more importantly, it doesn’t take a lot of talent to get people’s attention.

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