Salma Mumin snubs Xandy Kamel’s apology; says they will still meet in court

Actress Salma Mumin has rubbished an apology given to her by Xandy Kamel.

According to Salma, she is ready to meet her in court.

Xandy Kamel recently apologized to Salma Mumin after classifying her as a slay queen who sleeps with rich old men for cash.

Xandy alleged on her show on Angel TV that Salma Mumin is a top gold digger.

She based her allegation on a comment Salma made that she finds it difficult to date young guys because they are not trustworthy.

Salma did not take the claim lying down and took the case to court.

She sued Angel Broadcasting Network (ABN) and Xandy Kamel, demanding Ghc1 million compensation for being defamed.

In the wake of that, Xandy went on her show and apologised to Salma for her comments.

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She probably expected that to end the issue, but Salma has rejected her apology.

According to her, most of her fans want her to reject the apology and take Salma to court.

Xandy’s apology has therefore been sent back to sender.

The case would be headed to court.

Check Salma’s post below…