Sarkodie Begs Judge of Accra Circuit Court to Free Akuapem Poloo

Sarkodie has become the latest celebrity to add his voice to the conviction of actress Akuapem Poloo. Akuapem Poloo, also known as Rosemond Brown was found guilty by the Accra Circuit Court for publishing nudity on social media.

According to reports, she was convicted after pleading guilty to all three charges that were brought against her.

This news has definitely hit a section of the arts industry with sadness and rapper, Sarkodie has jumped on twitter to comment. Sarkodie wondered why the court could take such a hash decision against Akuapem Poloo.

He also questioned why the court would want to send someone to jail just because of pictures.

“I think it’s a little hash to separate a child from the mom just because of pictures taken.. would want to plead with the law to pardon our sister” he said.

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Before her sentencing, Akuapem Poloo has been directed to undergo a pregnancy test to know her status before the final decision is taken by the court.

If you would recall, Akuapem Poloo came under heavy backlash sometime ago for posting a picture in which she was naked and squatting down and holding the hands of her son to celebrate his birthday.