Saturnino De La Fuente Garcia: World’s oldest man dies at 112, days before 113th birthday

Saturnino De La Fuente Garcia, the oldest man in the world has died 23 days before his birthday. The death of Saturnino De La Fuente Garcia who passed away at his house was announced by Robert Young, Senior Gerontology consultant.

Saturnino De La Fuente Garcia was born in the neighbourhood of Puente Castro in Leon on February 11, 1909.

Saturnino De La Fuente Garcia was married to Antonia Barrio Gutierrez in 1933 and with her, they had seven daughters and a son.


Oldest living person (male) – Saturnino de la Fuente García 🇪🇸 112 years and 211 days

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García stood at 4.92 feet, according to Guinness. He was able to avoid being enlisted in the 1936 Spanish Civil War and established a living as a shoemaker, allowing him to create boots for the army. 

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He enjoyed playing soccer and supported Leon’s team Cultural Leonesa. He also co-founded Puente Castro’s local team.

“Guinness World Records send their deepest condolences to Saturnino’s family,” the agency continued.

García leaves behind seven daughters, 14 grandchildren and 22 great-grandchildren.

Saturnino De La Fuente Garcia survived the Spanish flu and refused enlistment into the 1936 Spanish Civil War and rather established a shoemaker business which was a successful business and his main source of income for his family until he could not work anymore due to old age.