Nicholas Cobbinah

SHS WASSCE student Nicholas Cobbinah who made headlines for insulting President Nana Akufo-Addo in August
2020 would have traveled to America with the American Lottery.

Nicholas Cobbinah has been heavily criticized and criticized for his comments on the just concluded WASSCE exams, which implied Akufo-Addo was spotted in town in the United States.

Nicholas is seen in the new video sighted by with his friends celebrating his victory in town as he reportedly won an American lottery. The young man is seen going out and having fun in a blazing way and, in a positive spirit, he asked all his fellow youths to work really hard and achieve what they thought they would achieve over the years.

Earlier, Ghanaweb reported:

Nicholas Cobbinah, the final year Sekondi College student who insulted President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has a reputation for being notorious and violent, Professor Opoku-Amankwa, the Director-General of the Ghana Education Service has revealed.

Professor Opoku-Amankwa said on Peace FM that the attack on the president was the third time the student had breached school rules.

He revealed that in February this year, Cobbinah beat an SHS two student to pulp and knocked out his teeth.

The issue was taken up by the police who prepared a docket for court proceedings but the pleas by his parents convinced the victim’s parents to opt for home settlement.

Again, weeks after school resumed, Cobbinah headbutted another student and was suspended for the act.

“The Sekondi case is distasteful. This is the third time the boy has done that and he always does with a friend. Around February 26, he beat some Form two students and knocked out six of his teeth. It became a police case but his parent agreed to fix the teeth. But he was suspended.”

“He returned following the President’s clearance for final years to return to school. Briefly after the return, he headbutted someone and there was blood from the person’s nose and he was suspended again. So, he came from to home write the paper. How can a child behave like that?,” he quizzed.

In a video that received similar attention like the one on the President, Cobbinah rendered apology to the President and his school.

He is among the fourteen students who were barred by the GES from writing the rest of the WASSCE papers in the schools.

Fortunately for Cobbinah, the same man he insulted has pleaded for clemency for him, urging GES to reconsider their decision.


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