Seth Dillon Net Worth – Entrepreneur, Investor, and Speaker

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Seth Dillon is an American entrepreneur and venture capitalist with an estimated net worth of over $1million. He is an active member of the tech community as the co-founder of Not the Bee, a humour-based leisure site.

Seth Dillon also serves on the board of Parler, a social media app that competes with Facebook and Twitter.

Dillon is also a member of numerous other tech companies and serves as an advisor to a number of firms.

Dillon lives with his wife Tara Dillion and two children in Juno Beach, Florida.

He graduated from Palm Beach Atlantic University.

Seth Dillon’s net worth is estimated to be greater than $1million

Seth Dillon is the CEO of the conservative Christian news satire site Babylon Bee. In February 2018, the New York Times classified Babylon Bee as a fake news provider.

Since then, he has gained tons of income by working on the site, and by 2021, his total assets will likely be over $1 million.

It is also worth noting that he started Babylon Bee on March 1, 2016, so his net worth is expected to grow over time.

He is an entrepreneur

Seth Dillon is an entrepreneur, investor, and speaker. He is currently the CEO of The Babylon Bee, a Christian news satire website that has surpassed The Onion in terms of traffic.

He also co-founded Not the Bee with his brother Dan. Before founding Not the Bee, Dillon worked for several publications and had his own venture capital fund.

In addition to being a CEO, Dillon has also served as a venture capitalist.

He is a speaker

Seth Dillon is a successful entrepreneur, investor, and speaker. He is the CEO of The Babylon Bee, a website that satirizes news stories about conservative Christianity and notable persons.

He also invests in startups and lives in Juno Beach, Florida with his wife and two sons. Dillon was born and raised in Palm Beach, Florida. He is currently in his mid-thirties.

He is a venture capitalist

Despite his entrepreneurial skills and business experience, Seth Dillon keeps his personal life private. He is married to Tara Dillon and the couple have two sons, one of whom is a comedian.

Dillon is the CEO of The Babylon Bee, a satirical website where he mocks notable figures and real-world events. In addition, he is the co-founder of the company Not the Bee.

He is a comedian

Seth Dillon is a businessman, entrepreneur, and satirist. He is the CEO of The Babylon Bee, a news site with a conservative slant.

As CEO, he oversees the company’s business activities and works its staff to the bone.

During his daily broadcasts, he yells at his employees and dives into the vault to rake in cash.

While he’s a businessman, he also writes jokes and satires about politics, religion, and prominent people.