Snoop Dogg's wife

Shante Broadus is popularly known as the celebrity wife because she is married to Snoop Dogg. Shante Broadus was born on 30th October 1971 in California, USA. She attended and graduated from Long Beach Polytechnic High School.

Shante Broadus is known to have appeared in TV shows/productions like ”E! True Hollywood Story” and ‘The Mo’Nique Show” in 2007. Shante Broadus together with her kids has also made appearances in her husband, Snoop Dogg’s show ”Fatherhood”.

Shante Broadus and Snoop Dogg have been lovers from high school and had two sons before they finally got married on June 12, 1997.

The couple gave birth to their first daughter and third child in 1999, about two years after their wedding.

Shante Broadus is a very successful entrepreneur and businesswoman. It is said that Shante Broadus was very instrumental in Snoop Dogg’s early stages of his career and she invested hugely in Snoop Dogg’s career.

Snoop Dogg and Shante Broadus

Shante Broadus is the founder and CEO of a music management company, Boss Lady Entertainment and has also produced numerous film and television productions with Reincarnated as one of her works which also featured her husband, Snoop Dogg.

Shante Broadus is worth $5 million solely accumulated from music management and appearing in a number of television and film productions.


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