Shemima Brown: Date Rush Contestant with Huge Backside sets First Time Record in Latest Episode

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Week after week, Date rush continues to be exciting and fun to watch. Episode 6 of Season 5 was amazing. All the ladies who came on stage got a date but the heat from the guys made it interesting.

One of the ladies who got a date but sparked a lot of controversies was Shemima Brown. Her electrifying entrance to the stage wowed the guys and all their attention was on her.

Though some of the guys at the middle of the show off their rush because of her body size.

They were of the view that, she is too much for them due to her stature.

Despite the fact that some switched their rushes off, four of the guys were on for her.

That was a good sign for her since she was going to get date by all means.

But in every game, there is a rule. If more than two guys on their rush for you, you have to off some by yourself and leave two so that you ask them a question.

After the answer to your question, you then choose the one you like or prefer most as your date. This was a different case on the side of Shemima Brown.

When she was given the chance to off two of the rushes and leave two to ask them a question, Shemima just went ahead and off all of them leaving only one.

Shemima Brown’s action even surprised Giovani who is the host because it has never happened on the show before. She came into realisation after Giovani told her it’s not supposed to be that so she on one rush.

Giovani told her to ask a question before she chooses the one she wants and she said she does not have any question for them so she just went and off the other rush and chose Ali.

This has never happened on the show before for her to go ahead and switch all the rushes off leaving one without asking a question.

Today’s episode has been one of the exciting episodes even though the whole season is not over.