Shenseea Working In The Studio With Lil Tjay NY Rapper Who Is In Jamaica

In this studio are Shenseea and Lil Tjay, a rapper of New York. Out of the bag, Shenseea let the cat out! The sweet song woman revealed that she is working on new music with none other than Lil TJay, the most exquisite hip hop artist in Jamaica at the moment.

On Saturday, a natural magic Shenseea gave videos on her stories with her lyrics from one of the latest Tjay songs. She was relaxed and sung.

She also collaborated with the American artist, along with her photos and Lil Tjay, and with Lil Tjay she took a picture of her, looking at the sound engineer, while working on his magic.

Her captain was “all we do is work,” while her boss, Romeich, co-signed the post with his comment, “the devil works hard but @shenseea works harder.”

Lil Tjay arrived on the island on 22 February and it’s pretty obvious that he doesn’t let YK Osiris have all the fun alone, because he, too, has flown to Jamaica and lives there unrevealed in a lavish villa with an enclosed, green beach.

Last week, YK Osiris entertained Jamaicans and many abroad on his own, exploring areas of the island that included Crocodile play and equitation, with his joy and enthusiasm.

Videos of Instagram’s storey showed that Lil Tjay was flocking to an undisclosed location over the beaches and the Caribbean Sea with currency, around US$2,600, of about 400,000 in Jamaican dollars.

Fans, however, considered his antiquities funny and trolled him as the Jamaican dollar’s value was very poor in comparison to the US dollar.

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The rapper’s bugger ends up in a private villa that looks out over the sea and shows it off the villa and the swimming pool.

Lil Tjay appears to have local offerings, displaying his curry goat’s and fried plantain’s meal as a server asks his choice for the juice, “pineapple juice” to which he responds.

The Patois bug even implored Lil TJay, who is also a resident of Bronx, as he could also be heard in the native accent that captured the world! The Bronx has a significant Jamaican contingent, so that’s not surprising.

Although on holiday he’s undoubtedly gained it for his new hit, “Calling My Phone,” a collaboration with 6Lack, is now number 3 on the Hot 100 single chart of Billboard. The song will be followed by Olivia Rodrigo’s “Drivers License” at #1 and Ariana Grande’s “34+35” at #2.

Shenseea/Lil Tjay in the studio

The song is also number 1 in the United States and on the worldwide Spotify and Apple Music platforms within a week of its launch.

With his hit song “Resume” and “Brothers” on the SoundCloud website, Lil Tjay has been on track since the first stage in 2017.

The rapper, now 19, is one of the youngest and most influential people in the industry. Naturally, one of YK Osiris, his close friends, was an enthusiastic supporter of his last album.


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