Shocking as US lady finds her lost iPhone in a phone shop in Ghana at in Circle while in Washington DC [Video] spotted a video on social media of a white American woman telling how her phone ended up in a phone shop in Ghana.

According to the woman, she lost her phone in early October on the streets of Washington, DC. She looked everywhere for her phone but couldn’t find it. She tracked down the phone and discovered it had been turned off.

Some days after, she had an email that a sound was played on her iPhone which means her phone has been turned back on.

So, she used the “Find My iPhone” app to track down her phone, assuming it was somewhere in the DC area.

The phone had ended up in Africa, specifically Ghana, much to her amazement.

She then looked up the address in Ghana and discovered that the phone was for sale in a shop.

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It’s possible that after she lost her phone, someone in DC picked it up and carried it to Ghana to sell it. This has the potential to harm Ghana’s reputation. This person could have simply returned the phone to the owner.

Watch the video below:



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