Singer Efya in trouble as she allegedly bought Moesha Budoung’s Range Rover Evoque for $15,000

Instagram Blogger, Cutie Julls has reported that singer Efya who doubles as Moesha’s Budoung’s close pal has allegedly bought her Range Rover Evoque 2018 for as cheap as $15,000.

According to the Blogger, the real price of the Range Rover Evoque is not less than $49,900 approximately in Ghana cedis GHc 296,156,50.

The Blogger claims it a big disappointment for Efya to ‘steal’ such an amount from a Pal who at the moment not in her right state.

Cutie Julls who speculated the information called the Musician heartless for committing such financial theft.

Singer Efya Norkturnal at the moment has not come out to make known her part of the story.

Check the post below:

In a post on Instagram, sighted by us, Blogger Cutie Julls called on the Ghana Police Service to arrest Efya and referred to her as e**l and heartless.

In his words, Blogger Cutie Julls wrote:

You have committed a crime by financially abusing Moesha who presently doesn’t have the mental capacity to make decisions.

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Efya, where in the world did you see anyone selling Range Rover Evoque for $15000? Efya and you dare say you won’t give the car back even tho those around her who genuinely care have offered to give you your $15000?

You, Victoria Michael, the pastor, and all the other church members are m*d.

Efya, you see that car? You must return it. Ghanaian celebrities please call your colleague, Efya Norturnal to order now o.

Thief, Ole. Jesus Christ! Efya, some of us respected you so much despite your junkie life but you see that respect? You’ve lost it.

Efya, tell Ghanaians you are the main person who introduced Moesha to taking that deadly drink called metal, the pills and the all sorts which Moe herself have confessed hat she was taking. 

@efya_nokturnal how dare you say you won’t return the car cuz Moesha sold it to you herself in the presence of her younger brother and some church member?

Efya, does your friend Moesha in her present state look normal to you? Efya, you are an Ole. You are so damn heartless and selfish.

Efya, when you were going through ur own phase, Moesha was there for you. How can you do this Efya? Indeed the heart of man is desperately wicked. Chai! Fear the gender called “WOMAN