Singer R. Kelly and manager tried intimidating, silencing sex abuse accusers – New lawsuit claims

It is emerging that R. Kelly, the famous Hip-hop star, had tried all manner of means to intimidate and silence his accusers.

The singer has been found guilty of all nine counts of charges, which includes racketeering.

He was also found guilty of violating the Mann Act, which criminalizes the transport of girls or women across states for immoral purposes.

According to new court papers, the singer and his manager had tried intimidating the three brave women involved in the suit against him.

Defendants and others knew about Kelly’s abuse of women but didn’t do anything to help them, “likely to protect the R. Kelly brand, name, reputation, image, and continued fame, success, and financial benefit,” the suit alleges.

“Defendants were also aware of and acted in furtherance to engage in acts to intimidate, silence threatened and physical (and sexually) assault women who disclosed Kelly’s misconduct,” the filing charges.

The suit claims that R.Kelly and his companies should have known what Russell was capable of and should have protected the women who were coming forward with their stories of abuse.

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He threatened to orchestrate shooting in the theatre premiering a documentary about the singer, ‘Surviving R.Kelly’.

The three women, Lizette Martinez, Lisa Van Allen, and Faith Rogers filed a suit at Manhattan Supreme Court alleging that the 54-year-old Hip-hop star had sexually abused them.

R. Kelly’s manager, Donnell Russell, allegedly protected the singer’s brand while he sexually abused women, his accusers claim.

The suit stated, “Kelly and his inner circle … began an orchestrated effort to silence, harass, bribe, and intimidate those brave young women and their friends and family.”

It added that “Defendants used escalating methods of intimidation moving from legal to terroristic in a matter of hours,” the suit claimed