Social media users mock Twene Jonas for saying “increase the volume of the AC” in his live video

Fans and social media users have mocked U.S based Ghanaian vlogger, Twene Jonas for making a verbal error in one of his live videos.

In the video shared by GhKwaku and sighted by, Twene Jonas was heard telling a fellow to “increase the volume of the AC”, a statement which is grammatically wrong.

Instead of asking for the increase of an AC temperature, he asked someone to increase the volume.

His statement and choice of words have got social media users reacting to it as many have mocked him mercilessly especially on Twitter.

Twene Jonas recorded the video by himself in a car with his friend, Say Da Don.

It is well known that the temperature of an air conditioner can be increased but not the volume.

Watch the video below;

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Earlier, Twene Jonas got himself in rough seas following a street confrontation with another Ghanaian residing in the United States of America.

In the video, Chris Dollar, a businessman, is seen going down the street when he runs into Jonas, who is also on his social media rant. The man approached him and inquired as to why Jonas was continuously attempting to bring Ghanaians in America into disrepute by his behavior and remarks.

He requested Twene Jonas to show him his Lamborghini and Porsche automobiles, as well as the flat he claims to reside in.

Twene Jonas stated he didn’t have a car and was simply talking about being affluent for likes and views on social media in response to the man’s request.

Meanwhile, a flashback photo of Giovani Caleb, a prominent Ghanaian media figure, has gone viral on social media.

He was with comedian DKB at the time, and both guys were in their early twenties.

It’s unclear when the shot was taken, although it may have been when Giovani was in his early twenties.