Stay away from ladies who come after you - AJ Worldwide of Date Rush fame advises male contestants as he shares his personal experience

AJ Worldwide, a former date rush contestant has sent a word of advice to current male contestants of Ghana’s most-watched television reality show.

The season 3 contestant has advised current contestants not to accept ladies who come after them when they become famous.

Talking from a personal experience after he became famous on the show, AJ disclosed that such ladies must not be entertained because they only come for the good things.

Born Asamoah Jeffrey and nicknamed AJ, the former contestant revealed in an interview with that most ladies are fake and would flee once they find the next famous person.

AJ went on to say that the male contestants should only accept someone who is unaware of their adventures on the program and shows genuine interest in them.

“When you become famous on DateRush, a lot of ladies will send to DM asking you to be their boyfriend because they crush on you or love how you are. But they are all fake,” – AJ said

AJ shares his personal experience

“A girl proposed to me and we met, fell in love and started dating but it was not long before she left me for another person. She was only interested in fame and nothing more. So the current contestants should be very careful.”

AJ and Emefa break-up story

AJ Worldwide broke up with Emefa shortly after they found love on the date rush stage. According to AJ Worldwide, Emefa, his date, opened up after the show that she was already going out with someone else.

This comes months after Emefa told other media houses that AJ was rather interested in Freelove, another contestant.


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