Steve Milatos

Steve Milatos is 29 years old and originally from Trikala.

He studied at Alimos Music High School and has appeared with various famous artists.

He is a private person who does not trust anyone, and his only friends are acquaintances.

He entered the Big Brother house with an open heart, and will not be hurt by anyone’s questions or criticisms.

Steve Milatos is a man born and raised in Greece.

He is a graduate of the Panteion University’s Faculty of Economics and has previously organized events at house and techno clubs in Germany and Ibiza.

He likes to do gymnastics, tattoos, and piercings and is a big fan of the female s!x.

He has been single for four years and has more male friends than female friends.

The Greek version of Big Brother had many famous members, including a former reality star. But Steve Milatos has had some trouble of his own.

Recently, he was accused of raping a 21-year-old British tourist. However, his lawyer claims that the s*x was consensual, and he was arrested on Tuesday night.

Steve Milatos From “Big Brother” Is Accused of Rapping Brit Tourist

According to the girl, Steve Milatos invited her to a nightclub in Rhodes, then brought her to a field and raped her.

Meanwhile, Milatos, who appeared on the Greek version of “Big Brother” last year, has denied the allegations. According to his lawyer, the s*x was consensual.

Likewise, Stelios Alexandris, the lawyer for the former reality star, said that his client had consensual intercourse with the visitor. 

As per Proto Thema, the 21-year-old Brit is presently being checked by a psychiatrist and a medical examiner.

Milatos was detained on Tuesday night as a result of the tourist’s allegation and is expected to testify later in the day.

Speaking to the TV show “Mega Kalimera”, the Brit’s lawyer, Loannis Kokkinogenis, said the woman went to a nightclub in Lindos where Milatos was working as a bouncer with her friend. 

He said: “He asked her to leave the venue for five minutes, then dragged her to an abandoned home near the club, where he allegedly committed the crime of r**e.”

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