Stonebwoy scammed by a foreigner at a fuel station; shares plight in new video

Ghanaian Afropop and reggae/dancehall singer, Stonebwoy has disclosed that he was scammed by a foreigner at a fuel station in a new video sighted by in which he shared his plight.

Narrating what happened exactly, Stonebwoy revealed that he was tricked into buying fuel for the person who was using a customized car when he pulled up at a fuel station to fill his tank when a man approached him.

Stonebwoy added that even after paying for the fuel, the man came asking for money in addition.

According to Stonebwoy, he recognized the man as a foreigner based on his accent, but he refused to reveal the man’s ethnicity.

Stonebwoy claimed that after approaching him, the man struck up a discussion with him and informed him about how he met him while filming a music video with a Nigerian musician.

While they were conversing, the man begged Stonebwoy for financial aid in order to fill his fuel tank, as he was incarcerated.

Stonebwoy claimed he was taken aback by the plea, but chose to help the man nonetheless, offering to purchase his fuel worth GHC300.

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The dancehall star claimed he was taken aback when the man walked away and returned with a large automobile with personalised number plates to collect the gasoline Stonebwoy had paid for.

As if paying for the fuel wasn’t enough, Stonebwoy claims the man approached him again, this time begging for financial assistance.

Stonebwoy said he kept his calm and informed the man he didn’t have any cash and would have to pay for the fuel using his credit card.

After stating this, the man continued to press the singer, claiming to have a mobile money account in case the artiste wanted to transfer cash to him instead.

Based on the man’s car and his tenacity in syphoning money from him, Stonebwoy claimed he walked away wondering if he had been duped or if he was being a Good Samaritan.


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