T.I and Majorgirl accused of Drugging And S3x Trafficking By Two New Victims

T.I. and Tiny have been accused of “drugging” and “trafficking” by two new victims, who claim they were “drugged” and “trafficked” by the pair. The couple’s real names are Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. and Tameka Cottle, and the two victims are currently seeking criminal charges against them.

Tyrone Blackburn, the attorney defending over a dozen women, claims that one of the victims said she was “drugged, coerced to take loads of molly and X, and s*x-trafficked in three states,” from Nevada to Miami, Florida.

T.I And His Wife (Majorgirl)

The incident is said to have occurred in 2010, when the victim was 32 years old. The second survivor reports she was “raped in a hotel in Miami, Florida in May of 2010 by Clifford Harris and one of his male friends.”

According to the Attorney-at-Law, she has obtained medical reports for the second victim, who was just 20 years old at the time of the incident.

According to Attorney’s office representatives, the Attorney is in the process of meeting with prosecutors from several states in order to file criminal charges.

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Tyrone Blackburn has been calling for criminal investigations into the claims of 11 victims in Georgia and California.

According to Blackburn’s appeal to the Attorney Generals of the two states, the victims have all witnessed “strange incidents of s****l assault, forced ingestion of illicit drugs, abduction, terroristic attacks, and false imprisonment.”

T.I. was reportedly involved, according to the letter. Meanwhile, according to Vulture, a third victim has identified herself to authorities and is speaking with investigators.

The rapper and his wife are unable to respond to the latest claims. However, their counsel previously confirmed that they reject the charges in the strongest possible terms.

And about 30 women have made similar allegations against the reality TV couple so far, but no formal criminal charges have been filed.

Source: unitedshowbiz.com.gh

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