‘The idea of marriage is cringe-worthy to me’ – BBNaija Tacha shares her thoughts about marriage

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Tacha, an ex-housemate of Big Brother Naija Pepper Dem, recently expressed her opinions on marriage. She stated that she considers marriage to be excessively cringe-worthy and that her objective is to acquire money before marrying.

She uploaded a screenshot of her discussion with someone on her social media page, in which she stated that she is not searching for a marriage, but rather money.

Although what occurs in marriage frightens her, she feels it would continue forever, the former BBNaija contestant indicated that if she gets married, it will be for the best.

Further, the reality star confessed that the notion of marriage makes her uncomfortable, and she is terrified of what may happen in the long term.

She went on to explain that when she does get married, her vows will be for the better—for the better—and they will endure forever.

She did caution, however, that no one should shatter her tender and vulnerable heart.



“Where is the lie??? Show me.”


“Social media has ruined marriage… Now most of these youth think marriage is a scam.”


“It’s actually scary.. this generation man makes it hard..you don’t even know if you are making the right decision without him messing up eventually.”

Source: unitedshowbiz.com.gh