Tracey Boakye sends Happy Birthday Wishes to Ibrahim Mahama On His 50th Birthday

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Tracey Boakye’s affair with Mahama is insane! Couldn’t she leave her alone after pulling John Mahama’s name down the drain with her ‘Papano’ n0nsense? I’m starting to think that Tracey Boakye’s obsession with Mahama involves more than we all know.

After dragging John Mahama’s hard-earned reputation down the drain, she still has the balls to wish his brother Ibrahim Mahama on his 50th birthday.

Can Tracey Boakye’s relationship with the Mahamas be described as thicker than water? Do you know what someone once told me? He said that “your crazy brother is still your brother” and now I can relate to the relationship between Tracey Boakye and the Mahama family.