Tracey Boakye to sue Ghanaian blogger, Cindy Cash for publication of defamatory statements and videos

Actress Tracey Boakye is furious about some comments that Cindy Cash has passed on her. Instead of the actress ranting back, she wants the court to settle the issue.

Cindy cash would have to provide irrefutable evidence to substantiate her claims about Tracey Boakye seeking to snatch Xandy Kamel’s husband.

Cindy cash is heard in a video saying that Tracey and Xandy Kamel are not on talking terms. She blames this development on the allegation that Trac ey Boakye flirts with Xandy’s husband, Kaninja.

The media personality also added that the actress wanted to sleep with Kaninja.

On the show, which Cindy Cash TV broadcaster, the host Cindy Cash, thoroughly discussed the matter with her gues, albeit without any evidence.

However, Tracey Boakye, through her lawyers, has written to Cindy Cash to delete all material on her TV platform that defames her [Tracey Boakye]. Failure to do that according will result in her suing the media personality.

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Defamation Letter

Whether Cindy Cash would succumb to Tracey Boakye and do as she dictates remains to be seen.

Two days ago, 2nd December 2021, United Showbiz reported that an Accra court awarded Yvonne Nelson Ghc 500,000 in damages to be paid by Mona Gucci.

Yvonne Nelson sued mona Gucci for defamation, and Mona Gucci could not prove her claims with evidence. The judge also ordered her to apologize to the actress.