TV3 Date Rush Season 7 begins today, as TV3 Ghana introduces ‘Guys Edition’

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Leading Ghanaian TV Channel, TV3 Ghana has announced the start of a new season of its most-watched television reality show.

TV3 Ghana is set to air Date Rush Season 7 today, Sunday, April 17, 2022.

The announcement was sighted in a post that was shared on its official social media handles and that of the shows’ hosts.

Season 7 of Date Rush was officially launched on January 16, 2022, during the launch of Season 6 where the General Manager for MG Television, Francis Doku, disclosed exciting packages hidden in this year’s episodes.

“I think there is even a bigger Fatima, Ali and all the people who made Date rush big last year. And also this year, we are going six months again we are starting January and we ending July.”

TV3 Ghana has introduced the ‘guys edition’ in Date Rush Season 7 for the upcoming episodes.

TV3 Date Rush ‘Guys Edition’

The ‘guys edition’ will have guys take their turn on stage (behind the rushes) and will have ladies choose them for a date unlike what is known.