Twene Jonas on Achimota Saga: Africans are More Racist Than Any Race

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Social Commentator, Twene Jonas aka Glass Nkoaa has been vexed by the ‘Rasta Saga’ that happened in Achimota School and has added his voice to the brouhaha following the heated debate, whether students with dreadlocks should be admitted to senior high schools in Ghana.

The social media commentator sharing his 2-cents on the matter as sighted by, which has sparked a national debate is saying that the development only confirms his opinion that Africans are more racist than any race because the school admits Caucasian students with long hair.

“If you want to know which people are racists, it is Africans, I say this every time but leaders like Nana Addo will deliver speeches against racism, the racism is in Ghana there but you can’t give a speech about it,” he said.

He described his racism experience as follows: “I am a victim; when I was in school, there was a boy called Zayid who sat next to me.

He’s from Pakistan, and he kept his hair until we finished, but we were in the same class, so when my hair got a little longer, they sacked me from class to go to the barber “

“I have lived with both white and black people, and I can assure you that the race that hates its own people is the black race, but they will always accuse whites of being e**l,” he said.

Twene Jonas expressed his dissatisfaction with the situation by using unprintable terms to identify GES officials when taking the opportunity to demonstrate how life is lived in America in a very relaxed way.