Riffath Yakub Abubakar

A first-degree holder and alumnus of the University of Education, Winneba (UEW), Mr. Riffath Yakub Abubakar, is thriving in several renowned businesses, where he seeks to motivate the youth to be resourceful and economically useful in the country.  

Mr. Abubakar, who studied History as his major and Political Science as a minor at the Department of History Education, graduated from the UEW in 2019. He is the founder of Third Star Events and the President of the National Students’ Achievement Awards Academy, Ghana (NaSAAG). He is also a corporate and circular event manager, transformational speaker, and brand management strategist.  

Third Star Events, a corporate and circular event management and planning enterprise, is basically into youth and student-oriented events geared towards educating, empowering and transforming the youth and students through seminars, conferences and workshops.

These activities are to enlighten, groom and prepare them to develop attitude, skills and knowledge beyond academic qualification to enable them to meet contemporary industrial standards for the job market. The company also equips the youth in developing an entrepreneurship culture. 

Since the inception of Third Star Events in 2018, it has organized a series of leadership, governance, and social events such as the tertiary Students’ Representative Council/National Union of Ghana Students (SRC/NUGS) Presidential Debate, NaSAAG, Young CEOs, and Leaders Forum, Movie Premieres, Independence Red-Cup Pool-Party and My Crush Night. 

Speaking in an interview with UEW Media Relations outfit, the young entrepreneur gave credit to his alma mater for imparting to him the requisite skills for becoming a successful entrepreneur.

“I give credit mostly to the entire University for the ingenious academic programs and proper structures put in place to educate students.”

“As a History major and Political Science minor student, my courses had much impact on me in the area of research, interpretation and writing skills.

It also enhanced my communication ability and public engagement; because History is more of research, interpretation and writing while Political Science is more of decisions and public discourse engagements.

So, as an entrepreneur in the event industry, public speaking, and corporate engagement with youth empowerment advocacy, I needed these skills (research, interpretation, writing, and communication) to shape my journey,” he remarked.  

Mr. Abubakar disclosed his intent to become the ambassador for youth empowerment and transformation in Ghana, Africa and in global and multinational organisations in the next five years. 

“In five years, I want to see my company as the leading organisation in corporate events and the youth empowerment hub. I have other business plans I am working on, it will be added to ‘Third Star Events’ to be an empire of businesses (Third Star Group of Businesses),” the young entrepreneur revealed. 

The President of NaSAAG admonished his colleague graduates who are still jobless to learn to develop volunteerism and teamwork services which he believes, is a hidden treasure for opportunities. He encouraged them to join and support friends who have started something good. 

Some of the many events organised by the events management and planning enterprise

“To the upcoming and undergraduates, they should explore while undertaking their academic activities seriously, by attending industrial workshops, seminars and conferences. It is great means to be exposed to the industry players and creation of productive networks,” he advised. 

“My advice to unemployed colleague graduates and seniors is that they should remember that they are primarily trained to be problem solvers; that is, you learn to understand and gain knowledge to identify problems facing humanity and to find solutions to same. It isn’t always the case that you go to school, complete and be fed with a job, no! Today, the job market is so competitive that it requires people (graduates) with skill and knowledge set. 

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