United Showbiz: Salma Mumin spills truth of her Fraud Allegation Saga against MTN

On UTV’s United Showbiz yesterday, Ghanaian actress, Salma Mumin who appeared on the entertainment show who did apologize to telecommunication giant MTN three months ago for her post on Instagram which was sighted by unitedshowbiz.com.gh in which she said that over GH¢10,000 was “taken” from her MTN Mobile Money (MoMo) account without her knowledge, actress and entrepreneur Salma Mumin has expounded circumstances that led to the accusation.

Setting the tone for the narration, she told host Nana Ama McBrown, “I will give a vivid account of the incident.” A defensive Salma in her piecemeal account claimed that although she had over ten thousand Ghanaian cedis in her account, she could indeed not send money to DHL for a service rendered by the company because she continued to receive “insufficient funds” comments from MTN.

Intrigued as to what exactly the challenge might be, Salma said she called MTN for investigation and assistance, but the first attempt was unsuccessful.

A defensive Salma in her blow-by-blow account claimed although she had over ten thousand Ghana cedis in her account, she indeed could not send money to DHL for a service the company rendered as she kept receiving ‘insufficient funds’ feedback from MTN. When the money is sent to that number, I don’t access it, I don’t withdraw.

If someone buys something and sends the money to that number, I only check for verification’s sake. “So, what happened was, MTN has a code for sending money. “The day my issue happened; I was having calls on my momo number although I had not given it out to people to call. “So, when the transaction failed, I called MTN and complained.

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“This person that called me from MTN took me through the same procedure three times, it still didn’t work. They said they were looking through their system and could see my money and that it wasn’t ten thousand but seven thousand, five hundred and something… They sent me their data, I checked and thanked them.

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Source: unitedshowbiz.com.gh

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