Veteran Ghanaian Photographer, Emmanuel Bobbie (Bob Pixel) Passes On

News reaching indicates that Mr. Emmanuel Bobbie popularly known as Bob Pixel has passed away as reports showed that he suffered from COVID-19 complications today, February 25, 2021.

The photographer is celebrated in the local photography scene as a backbone of Ghana’s creative industry. Bobbie is known to high-profile politicians and actors for his professional work.

He has been eulogized by many and his death has drawn many condolences from loved ones and family who knew him while he was alive and to those who had an encounter with him before.

In a tweet by Voice cast, it said, “Still waiting for confirmation because this is shocking but if your death is true, RIP. You were a photography icon and you truly left an impact, Bob Pixel”.

‘Emmanuel Bobbie, popularly know as Bob Pixel of BOB PIXEL PHOTOGRAPHY was undoubtedly one of the most skilled photography hands in Ghana. Arguably the one who changed the face of photography in Ghana and making it attractive to the many talents in the system now. News of his death is really shocking and unfortunate. Bob gave his all. RIP Bob’ – Jonas Nyabor wrote on his Facebook handle.

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Giovani Caleb who was saddened by the news took to his Facebook page and wrote; God help us LOVE more & number our days. R.I.P sir Bob BOB PIXEL PHOTOGRAPHY.

Rest in peace Bob Pixel 🕊
You changed the dynamics of photography in Ghana.
His journey was a memorable one for humanity.
Rest Well Sir 🙏🏻 – Blogger KobbyKyei

The drone is drown
The pixel has been pixelated
Bob has been bulbed
Death has bullied Bob
His visuals we not usual
He laced the lens.

Emmanuel, BOB PIXEL PHOTOGRAPHY was photography! The industry has lost a gem! – Kobi Hemaa Osisiadan-Bekoe eulogized him on Facebook.


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