Video drops as Regina Daniels scream at her brothers for touching her ‘bum bum’ at a party

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Actress Regina Daniels screamed at her brothers in a video for touching her buttocks.

It looks like, her brothers have become too familiar with their sister so much that they have forgotten she is a married woman now and should be accorded with respect.

They are able to handle her in any manner disregarding the fact that she’s married to big man Ned Nwoko.

In a video sighted by and going viral on social media, Regina Daniels warned her two brothers for touching her bum during a party.

The two brothers were seen dancing with her during a time out and failed to recognise that their small girl was now a mother and a wife to a billionaire.

They started grinding her and touching her bum and that really pissed Regina Daniels off.

She is seen screaming at her brothers asking why they are comfortable touching her butt.