Abigail Ohenewaa, a make-up artist, has confirmed that she was on the verge of becoming an LGBTQ member after a string of heartbreaks.

Biggles, as she is affectionately known, told SVTV Africa’s DJ Nyaami that most of these men wanted nothing more than s*x but didn’t say so outright.

”The guys didn’t just want s*x; they told me they wanted to be in a relationship. They begin to behave differently after the s*x. “One even told me he was going on a trip,” she said.

According to Biggles, she believed that girls could behave differently. Despite the fact that she claims she has never been in a l*****n relationship, she admits that she has been approached by lesbians who have offered to give her everything.

”I reasoned that dating a woman would be preferable because all the guys were only interested in s*x. “However, I never did become one,” she said.

Abigail used to be a video vixen who starred in music videos for artists such as Ofori Amponsah, Echo, and others.

Watch the Interview below;


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