Video: Suspected Sakawa Ring gets Stucked on a Boy’s Finger at Kasoa Iron City

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In a new video sighted by, a suspected sakawa ring has got stuck on the fingers of a young guy who is in severe pain in Kasoa Iron City.

The video was posted on Angel FM’s Facebook page and has got a lot of viewers talking about the issue.

According to bystanders at the scene, the victim got the ring somewhere and just put it on his fingers without knowing who it belongs to.

Watch the video below;

Below are the comments;

Eii since he’s at iron City please send him to Apostolic Believers Church auditorium which is at Iron City near the Okrudu River. Please please do that ASAP

The family members should believe in God and pray that their son will not die in Jesus mighty name. Amen

But i introduce True Faith church of Ghana to you to send him thereEvangelist David will help.

Where are our pastors?? We need to see their show….

All the spiritual men and the sakawa people are oneOnly pastor’s can safe the guy

He needs help . Please try ur best to help him . This is an advice to young boys

He should urinate on it and drink some of the urine.. he should instruct the ring to go back to the owner.

Kwadwo .This is serious. We have genuine men of God in Ghana. Why don’t we consult some of them.Even the Archbishop Duncan Williams with what He carry Can help.

They should take him to a powerful pastor before it’s too late

Please send the small boy to Believes Worship Center, Stephen Adom kyei duah is the prophet of God

Why must you pick this anc wear? Ahhhh! You worry your mother aaaa from childhood. Now you still dey create problems. See what you yourself.

Eeeii he is really suffering send him to samaria miracle church at kasoa Cp please

What is spiritual about this, just look for a welder or to some hospital to remove it. This country and everything spirituality…. Smh

And government is still entertaining these criminals on TV?As if we don’t have leaders in this country.SMH

Bad luck, you didn’t Pick a ring that will give u money but one that’s sucking ur blood for someone’s ritual money. By now the way the person’s money dey flow errr

Please , send him to Apostle James Awunisela at Kasoa Papanse ( C.A.C) camp

They should get a pregnant woman urine, for him to put the finger inside the urine for some minutes then, it will be free to remove.