Wa SHS (WASEC) qualifies to NSMQ 2021 National Championship for the First Time in 20 Years

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There were jubilant and ecstatic scenes at the Upper West Regional Library after Wa Senior High School answered a tiebreaker correctly to book a spot at the national tournament in Accra slated for October.

The two-day qualifiers saw the region’s top high schools battle for a place in the national tournament.
WASEC narrowly secured the final slot to join St. Francis Xavier, Jirapa SHS, Kanton SHS and St. Francis Girls School in the 2020 edition of the National Science & Maths Quiz.

For the boys at St. Francis Xavier who won with an impressive 58 point, it is time to re-write their history in the competition.

“This year, we have a story to tell, we have a story to write and we will [prove] our critics wrong. We will make it to the final,” one of the contestants said.

Back on the campus WASEC campus though, it was a hero’s welcome for the contestants. They are the first team to qualify to the national tournament in two decades.

One of the contestants said, ‘while we were on stage all I was thinking about was the God that I was depending on and he was not going to fail me’. Another one said, ‘we were somehow panicking on stage because of how close we were with Lawra SHS’.

Their other colleagues could not hold back their joy.

‘I’m feeling very excited about all that has happened. To be frank, initially we were thinking we were losing. In fact, some of us thought we were losing. SO when we won, we became so excited. We know that when we go to Accra or Tamale, we’ll be victorious’, she said.

Meanwhile, the trainer of the school, Abaabasa Olinaa called for support from prominent alumni which include current Speaker of Parliament Alban Bagbin, Supreme Court Justice, Yoni Kolendi and other.

‘We sat and thought about what will make us qualify for the competition. \we have improved on our training. But we are logistically constrained. You see the performance on the speed race.

It was because we do not have a bell. And so the first time we’re using the bell was on the stage’, he revealed.

WASEC joins St. Francis Xavier, Jirapa SHS, Kanton SHS and St. Francis Girls School to make up the 5 teams which will represent the region in the tournament.

By: Manuel Koranteng