Afia schwarzenegger and Abeiku santana

Abeiku Santana’s viral video in which he takes Afia Schwar out to lunch has the internet in stitches.

The two have gone out to lunch in the video, and Afia has evidently ordered a large amount of food for herself and her dog, while Abeiku has ordered his own food.

Abeiku split the payment, which came to Ghc 300, among the three of them: himself, Afia Schwar, and her puppy.

He said that he would pay his Ghc 100, and Afia would be responsible for the remaining Ghc 200 for herself and the puppy!

Afia watched quietly as Abeiku complained about not being prepared to be humiliated by a slay queen who had bought so much food because she assumed everyone else would pay for it.

I am an overcomer in Jesus name.
I have been through a lot of challenges in life with each challenge strengthening me mentally and emotionally.

My favorite quotes:
“ live today like it was your last “
“ You only live once… so do it right and do it once “
“ Use what you have to get what you want “
“ All Shall Pass “
My Philosophy and thoughts on life changed after I return from School in America as more Experienced and wiser.
My thought patterns and thinking process have also changed with time.
I’m Some cases I have to
re-examine my ideas with experiences and beliefs before I take an informed decisions
Even though I’m not the best of every subject and issues that I discussed, I’m most qualified to share my point of view and ideas running around in my head.

“ I am fundamentally an optimistic whether that comes from nature or nurture , I can’t say “ ~ Nelson Mandela , South Africa President
I believe in the things that I believe.
I’m optimistic nice guy who learns to trust his instincts, face his fears and live life on his terms .

“ when the ferns are greener, the water bill must be high “
My story started out in Betom a suburb of Koforidua in the Eastern Region of Ghana
From Koforidua to Cape Coast, Accra, Kumasi, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, United States of America, and back to Accra where I have worked and gotten most of my life experiences
My greatest glory is never falling, but in rising anytime I fall.
I give all the glory to God Almighty.


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