Watch: Salinko is Good and Active in Bed – Wife tells Zion Felix in an Interview

Nancy Owusu, the wife of the Ghanaian comedian Salinko, sent her husband words of appreciation for the incredibly wonderful part he played in bed.

Nancy Owusu opened up about her family life in a recent interview with Zionfelix monitored by and fired down remarks about her husband not being attractive.

According to Salinko’s stunning wife, while she does not agree with what people think about her husband’s handsomeness, she thought that what matters most is that the actor is able to rock her in bed very well.

Nancy revealed that her husband is very strong in bed, his durability lasting up to hours if he takes her to bed.

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She revealed that they often last longer than hours when having sexual encounters, particularly when they are from home. But he noted, however, that there is no cap to the amount of sex they have since they are married.

A long time back, Salinko and his wife got married. Their marriage was one of the shining examples of successful partnerships, especially where celebrities are involved.

In the Ashanti area, where he grew up, Salinko, 41, attended Kumasi High School. He has acted in over 200 films and has collaborated with almost all the great people in the film industry in Ghana.


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