Wesley Girls High School kicks out Mawuli School to book a place in the Semifinals of The Sharks Quiz Season 4

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There have been weeks of scheduled bouts which projected unprecedented outcome in the Sharks Quiz season 4.

The round of 16 witnessed very sizzling performances interlaced with feelings of suspense, disappointment and belongingness by the various competing schools.

While a number of them battled progressively, several others failed to make the cut into the ensuing stage of the competition.

As expected in the quarterfinals, efforts are being doubled and stance made with utmost precision. These were evident during the first quarterfinal contest between Wesley Girls’ High School and Mawuli School.

The latter being a finalist from last season represented this year, shoulders high and with very prominent expectations.

The struggle, however, does not rest on previous performance but renewed strength for impending ones.

The atmosphere was charged with unusual feelings as the contest began.

Both schools played carefully to make reasonable points within the alloted time in the beginning round. All through the lapses, Mawuli School recorded 20 points while their female counterparts picked 10 more over their heads.

Mawuli School
Mawuli School

It was a deafening start for the Volta contingents and they really needed to find themselves and well announce their presence in the subsequent segments.

Then, the R-cube round where uncertain answers are better not given than given wrongly. From that round thereon, schools lost points for wrongly answered questions.

The mental rage thus ignited and really got fierce. Points were made and unmade.

Conclusively, the ladies from Cape Coast raced ahead of the Volta side with a score of 45 against 15. The STEM round followed immediately.

This round tested contestants on the application of science, technological, engineering and mathematical methods.

For each of the competing schools, mechanisms were put in place, methods followed and derivations made. But how accurate were these?

It ended with Mawuli School making no positive point instead, lowering down to a -5 score while Wesley Girls made away with 50 positive points.

Mawuli School at this point could not be felt. It was as though they had long been ejected. But physically, stood die-hard soldiers in their name with unrelenting expressions hoping they could cause a change. Maybe they could, there was still around to go.

The one-on-one segment started, with pairs of contenders, one from each school making rigorous efforts to finish better than they began. This went on until the last pair finished off. Then the collation of results for the day.

The banter was real! The girls had teamed up to beat their nearly all male counterparts and worse so, whipped them individually to carry the day’s title. 40 points over -5 summed up the total score to 165 for the winners and 25 for the season 3 first runner ups.

A lot could be said but better saved for after the many expected surprises and disappointments.

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