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Information reaching indicates that the authorities of Wesley Girls Senior High School in Cape Coast have placed a new ban on Muslim students in the school, which barres all them from worshipping on their campus.

Per the reports, they have also asked that the muslim students don’t bring in their holy book which is the Quran to read while still on campus.

Some Muslim parents have shared their disgustation with this new school order to prevent their wards from being free of worship, as have old Muslim students.

Some brave students, who want to exercise their faith, hide in their dormitories, according to those who have spoken, to pray for that which they feel to be wrong.

Another parent also told the media last week that a student admitted to school had come to pray with a Quran and a hijab. But they came to their parents saying they approved certain items in school.

One parent has said that it is not an issue for them to attend church services since it is part of the rules of the school, but, apart from everything, they should be able to practice their faith peacefully.

Earlier on Facebook, a user by name King Zico made suggestion on Hijab wearing in Ghana Schools/Workplaces and this was his say;

Let’s get serious with talks on wearing Hijab in schools and work places.

I think the Muslim Community in Ghana is not devoted to fight (with strategy, the ink and dialogue) for the wearing of #Hijab in schools and at the workplaces.

The only way this can be achieved is when we as a people come together with one voice.

Some will say we don’t have the people but I think we have more than enough people in sensitive positions who can make this work with just a snap of the fingers but we fail to engage them for some reasons that do not hold water.

In championing this course, aportioning blames and/or questioning the Islaminity of people will be a slap in the face against our victory.

However, the focus should be on the main prize. “Wearing of Hijab in Schools and Work Place in peace” any other thing is not worth looking at.

The dreadlocks (Rastafarian) issue has given us a direction to open the books of #hijabisidentity to be approved for Muslims in schools and workplaces.

This shouldn’t be a fight of insults at Leaders, GES and /or Politicians, etc. It is a fight to win for the identity of our Muslim Girls and Women.


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